The Creative Class

July 14, 2014

The Creative Class is a series of interviews with renowned creatives about their take on digital technology - interesting stuff.

I particularly like the video with Fred Deakin (of Lemon Jelly fame) where he talks about the possibilities for innovation but also the distractions that come with digital tools. Ironically whilst watching this video I was completely distracted by Fred’s totally amazing record collection, Clavia Nord synth and stunning workspace!

I’ve actually been listening back to the old Lemon Jelly album ‘Lost Horizons’ and reading up on their production so I was doubly chuffed to come across this. They were a big inspiration for the track Village Green I wrote recently.

The Creative Class also features a video with Damon Albarn where he talks about using loops and video…

The initiative appears to be funded by WeTransfer and it’s very nice to see mature advertising in this inspirational form rather than having a pre-roll or banner jammed in your face. You can watch all the other videos right here.