Office Space

June 23, 2014

Spending all day at the office responding to emails without any time to make music can feel like emptying the sink and watching your soul disappear down the plughole. Fortunately I find it’s always possible to carve out a slice of creative time somewhere….

My latest tactic involves taking advantage of the lobby of the local Hilton during lunch.

The great things about this are:

  • I get an hour of undisrupted creative time to produce music.
  • Comfy sofas and all year round tropical style climate.
  • Prohibitively expensive Wi-Fi keeps me offline and focussed on making tracks.
  • Much quieter than a Cafe so I always get a seat.
  • I can take in sandwiches from anywhere of my choosing and nobody bats an eyelid.

Producing ad-hoc like this means having a lean portable setup and a good pair of headphones to combat any random hotel muzak. I make better music and have more fun when I have a controller to play on so I also keep a Maschine Mikro in my bag.