What was your most listened to album of the year?

January 12, 2015

I recently delved in to Spotify’s ‘Your Year in Music’ which surfaces the tracks, artists and genres you’ve been listening to the most. I highly recommend checking this out as it’s a real eye opener on your listening habits.

The album I listened to the most was Pacific Standard Time by Poolside. Although this album was released in 2012, I didn’t discover it until last year via Spotify’s ‘similar artists’ feature but I’m very glad I did.

Poolside are two guys from LA who create daytime disco, music to be listened to whilst sitting by a pool. It’s pretty damn hard to beat a raison d’etre like that in my book and hats off to them for being able to explain their work so succinctly. Something that many aspiring producers struggle with.


The album has a laidback chillwave-meets-disco vibe with plenty of horizontal feel good action. Digging around to find some info on Poolside’s production I found this cool video of Filip’s studio where he explains some of his process.



Geek Alert I have to confess that after watching this video I smashed in a casio CZ-1000 off ebay for about £40 :)

Diving into his workflow, Filip talks about moving quickly and just going with what sounds good to get tracks written. In an inspiring interview with Pitchfork, they explain that album was actually written in a month. This is great advice for anyone making music.

Poolside also only play daytime gigs and pool parties which sounds like my idea of heaven. Especially if followed up with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake :)

If you don’t use Spotify or fancy a digital download then Poolside have self-released their album for $5 which quite frankly is a steal. Nice to see artists going down the self-publishing route and I’d love to know how this has been working out for them.