Don’t give up the fight

June 18, 2014

After many years of plugging away at making music I’ve finally had a remix released on a major label. This is really exciting news for me, however what’s been a real insight is that it took about a year from when I submitted it to when it actually got signed.

The remix opportunity came about through a chance meeting with someone from DECCA. We were geeking out about music production and they suggested I could have a go at a remix of a new artist. There was no guarantee that it would be released but I didn’t have to think too hard about giving this a shot!

I completed the remix and like numerous other tracks I’ve submitted to labels, I didn’t hear a peep of feedback. I got a little disheartened, assumed that nothing was going to happen and went back about my business.

Then out of the blue, a year later, I heard back from the label. The remixes were finally being listened to and sent over to the artists management. A few days later they said it had been approved and was going to be put out - I couldn’t believe it!

This experience and my day-to-day working in the music industry has revealed how busy label people are. They are sent gazillions of tracks and release schedules can be planned months ahead. If you’re sending your tracks out then you definitely shouldn’t give up hope or stop sending just because you don’t hear anything. There are so many reasons why you might not have heard back and it’s certainly no guarantee that they don’t like your music.